Author and Historian

Margot’s interests besides her music and dancing are varied but her main ones are:

Author – Margot is co-author of a book – “ASPECTS OF EARLY BLACKWOOD, – The Goldfield, The Landmarks and the Pioneers.  Margot wrote half the book in 1980 with Alan Buckingham.  Margot has had 5 editions printed and has sold over 4,000 copies.   Last re-print was in 2003.

Margot is trying to find time to finish her research and publish another book to be called ‘The History and Pioneers of Blackwood’.  So far she has typed up over 600 pages.

Copies of  ‘Aspects of Early Blackwood’ can be had for $14 by contacting Margot –    To see Margot’s book  – click here.

Author – Margot also wrote a book for the Blackwood Historical Society with a Government grant in 2007  called ‘Some History of Simmons Reef, Blackwood’. Copies can be purchased from Margot for $13.00.   contact her..

Connections with Blackwood , Victoria – Margot’s grandchildren are the 5th generation to go to Blackwood for holidays.  Margot’s family own a holiday house in Blackwood which was built by Margot’s grandfather, Walter Warner in 1930.  Margot has over recent years finished the renovations with help from several builders.

Her great-grandmother, Fanny Eliza Conlon (nee Burrows) went to live in Blackwood in the late 1880‘s.   Her grandmother Frances Kate Warner (nee Conlon) went to school there from the age of 6 – 12 years.

Margot’s holiday house at Blackwood house for RENT.

Available at times to rent for holidays or short term by contacting Margot –   see page for ‘Holiday House to Rent Blackwood’ for more info.


Margot went to the first meeting of the Society and became a member and has been Official Historian for over 20 years.  Margot has researched much of the early history of Blackwood in her capacity as Historian.   Blackwood is an old gold mining town with gold having been found there in 1854.  Rich in early history and was one of the biggest gold mining areas closest to Melbourne.

To see the Blackwood web site which Margot put historical articles on  see –

Family Historian – Having compiled the family Genealogical information and in so doing found some very interesting information.  Margot is presently working on a book on the history of the Burrows family, hopefully soon to be published.


Genealogist – Margot was a member of the A.I.G.S. (Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies) and was a professional Researcher with  A.A.G.R.A  (Australian Association of Genealogists & Record Agents).   Now Genealogy has taken a back seat as Margot’s interests diverse.   But as time allows she hopes to get back into more research soon.

Photography – having been a keen photographer since her Grandfather gave her first camera in primary school.  Having worked in the Customer Service Dept. at Kodak added interest to this hobby.  Margot gained experience in making copies off old photos especially ones of Blackwood and has the biggest collection of Historical photos of  Blackwood.  Margot has a collection of photos on display at the Blackwood Historical Society’s Museum.  Margot has taken copies off old family photos and is currently in the process of scanning in old family photos onto her computer and then transferring them onto a CD.  Digital photography has added another dimension to her photography hobby with the aide of several new digital cameras.  Margot also did a Digital Imaging course at her local Neighborhood House.

House Renovations, having helped renovate four houses,  now a well earned rest from it with her newly acquired house which was only 2 years old.. With some added improvements, landscaping  and additions, the house is very comfortable.   Gardening being another hobby.

Sewing – Margot was the Costume Coordinator of the Melbourne Colonial Dancers and helped design the current Colonial costumes worn by the Colonial Dancers when they perform for events and festivals.   The ladies costumes are based on the 1860’s style of crinolines worn by ladies at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, Victoria.  Margot has made nine Colonial dresses and wore them to Balls and when performing.   The Colonial Dancers also perform with their new Federation style costumes of which Margot has made two.

Travel – Margot got the overseas travel bug in 1988 on her trip overseas to dance at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland with the Melbourne Colonial Dancers. On that trip she had 5 world stop-overs and visited Bangkok, London, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, then from Paris to New York, Los Angeles,  and San Francisco.

In 1989 she visited New Zealand, and some later years two trips to Tasmania.

2001 was a trip to the USA with stays in Michigan, Augusta in West Virginia and Breaux Bridge in Louisiana, then a stay at Toronto in Canada, and Honolulu.

2003  was a two week trip to Louisiana followed by a week in Los Angeles.

2004 was a trip to Louisiana for a month to attend the festivities of Mardi Gras.

2007 were trip to Los Angeles, Utah, Nevada, Nashville and the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee, Alabama,  and Louisiana USA.

To see about my trips to Louisiana see relevant pages.

2010 – Margot went on a Murray River boat cruise with dancing friends from Canberra and managed quite well after her stroke.

2011 – After her stroke Margot did not think she could manage another trip overseas but took her daughter on a P & O boat cruise from Sydney to Darwin and had a wonderful time – So much so that they have booked another P & O cruise to Noumea in 2012.

Diversion creates a new dimension in life.

Margot’s motto in life is –  “I will strive to keep my commitments and promises—especially those made to myself.  Out of this I will gain my own self respect.  I will not blame others, but I will welcome criticism as a pathway to knowledge.  I shall always set myself obtainable goals and not dream beyond my capabilities.  For all people I meet, I shall endeavour to leave them with a smile and a lighter heart.  I hope to continue to learn throughout my life and pass on my learning’s to others.  I will always put my family second—immediately behind my own contentment—as one flows through to support the other.  I shall be grateful for each day, grasp the opportunities each brings and thank my guiding spirit for what ever he may choose for me.  To Live, Love, Learn and Leave a Legacy…”