Cajun Instruments

 Places in the USA where you might be able to find a “button box” (i.e., Cajun accordion) are –

The Button Box in Massachusetts

The House of Musical Traditions in Maryland   Those are both on the east coast.

In Michigan there is Elderly Instruments – a great music store   Occasionally Elderly has used accordions in stock.

Castiglione Accordions in Michigan 

Mark Savoy – Cheapest Accordions in Louisiana are around $1200US & takes 6-12 weeks to build.

Larry Miller in Louisiana – makes the Bon Tee brand of Cajun Accordions, Rub-boards and Cajun triangles.

Junior Martin  in Louisiana – Accordion builder has a good reputation

All of the above information courtesy of Garry Kaluzny –

Washboards— Home of the RU Rhythm Boards, Ray Nutter, West Virginia.  Kind enough to airmail a special custom-made sideways washboard for Margot to try out.


Earle Bartlett—Maker of Margot’s Rub-board, also maker of Flutes, Bagpipes, Whistles and Bodhrans. Valley Farm, Hartley Vale 2790, New South Wales, Australia.

  Cajun triangle 

Margot’s Cajun triangle or Tee Fer was made from tempered steel by Larry Miller from a hay-rake in Louisiana. It has curled ends and a leather strap on top to hook over your finger and has what the Cajun’s call a chank-a-chank sound.