Margot and Cajun Dancing

Margot’s interest in Cajun music and dance came through viewing some Cajun dance instruction videos from Michaul’s Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana and London in England, obtained by Geoff Le Blanc of the Cajun Roux band, where she got hooked on the exciting music and dance.  Margot and her ex-dance partner Brian Hickey learnt Cajun dancing from these videos.

 In 1995 Margot Hitchcock and Brian Hickey were invited by a  special commission to run a Cajun dance workshop at the  National Folk Festival in Canberra.  This was followed by successful Cajun Dance workshops at the 1996, 1998 and 1999 National Folk Festival, Canberra in April over Easter.

Following these successful dance workshops Margot took on teaching Cajun dancing as a complete new concept in Melbourne and different festivals – to see more go to the “About Margot’ page  to read about where and when Margot taught Cajun dancing.

You can view dance videos on YouTube or there are different web sites where you can buy videos and DVD’s on Cajun and Zydeco dancing. see –

For Zydeco dancing go see – YouTube – a short clip from Mona Wilson – Learn Zydeco dance featuring Andre Thierry and Zydeco Magic band.

Or go to Mona’s web site – or where to buy her DVD’s –

Or a list pf places to buy Cajun and Zydeco dance DVD’s is –   to see video clips of Andre Thierry go to his web site..


Happy dancing…