2007 – Big Trip to USA

 Margot with the Cajun musician D.L. Menard


My USA friends Nancy in Nashville and Ellen Marie in Santa Barbara, California invited me to join them on an amazing adventure traveling to Los Angeles to met up with Ellen, staying with her for 4 days and flying to Salt Lake City in Utah to met up with Nancy and then traveling with them in a hire car through the canyons to Los Vegas in Nevada.

Nancy had organized the trip with great planning where we drove thru all the most amazing canyons with the most amazing scenery.  She pre-booked our accommodation and planned places to see and places of interest and we had a fantastic time.

Our 3 nights stay in Los Vegas was one heck of a good time.

From there I flew with Nancy back to her hometown in Nashville where I stayed with her for a week and enjoyed the highlites of the music venues and sights to see in Nashville.  I had such a good time staying with Nancy and enjoying Nashville.  Then I caught a Greyhound bus to met my Cajun friend Fran who lived in Maryville in the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee.  Fran took me to hike in the Appalachian Mountains, to Dollywood and lots of other interesting places.

I then flew to Lafayette in Louisiana to met my Cajun friend  Greg who I stayed with for 2 weeks and we drove the next weekend to Alabama to the Vortex Cajun Zydeco Dance camp where I had a fun time dancing and playing in Cajun or Zydeco bands.

I have included here some of the photos that I took at Vortex where I played in a Cajun band with my triangle and a zydeco band with my ruboard.   I also   learnt  Cajun or Zydeco dancing in the day time and every night I either attended a  Cajun or a Zydeco dance.  I won a Vortex dance shirt for having travelled the furthest distance to attend the festival..!  It was hot but it didn’t stop me dancing until my feet and legs got tired..!  All in all I had a fantastic experience, and a wonderful time.

Greg and I went back to Louisiana for Festivals Acadiens which was held from Friday to Sunday where I had more fun Cajun dancing and listening to Cajun and Zydeco bands.  We also found time o go to the Zydeco breakfast at Café Des Amis and Whisky River Landing to see Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys and go to the Achafalaya Club in Henderson to dance.   I wondered when all this fun would stop..

I was away for seven weeks in all and had a fantastic time thanks to all my friends.